Our Simple Privacy Policy

How we use your data

When you sign up for an account we ask for your email address. We will only ever use your email address to send you updates about QRinkle. Every email we send to all QRinkle users will include an unsubscribe link. Your email address and all associated account information will never be given to a third party without legal cause and justification.

The QRinkle app belongs to us, but all the data stored in your account is your own. We reserve the right to use your data as part of system wide aggregate stats - for example "1 million QR codes have been created with QRinkle" or "20% of scans come from Android devices." We will not use or access account data beyond this anonymous level except for troubleshooting issues with a user, and only then with the user's approval.

Cookies, tracking and you

Your browsing activity is tracked on the site anonymously via Google Analytics (and cookies). Per their privacy policy we cannot track information that makes a browsing session uniquely identifiable to an individual.

When you login to the app we set a cookie that identifies you so we know what account to load. This cookie is set to expire at the end of your browsing session and we don't do any additional tracking with it.